Investors. More Gain. No Pain.

We Understand You.

At Revolution Properties, we’re owners and investors ourselves. With numerous houses and multifamily units throughout Hartford and Middlesex Counties, the principals are one of the larger private owners of real estate in Central Connecticut.

We have a diverse range of holdings and management assignments including the following:

  • Single Family.
  • Multifamily, from 2 units up to commercial apartment buildings
  • Condo units of various sizes and demographics.
  • HOA management

Great property management is critical to the success of your investment. And given today’s economy, you need your investment property to perform better than ever.


The REvolution Difference.

Some property managers just don’t have their eye on your bottom line, and that puts your investment property in jeopardy. Lucky for you we’re not like these other property management companies.

We work with you to identify areas for you to cut costs and/or increase revenue.

Seasoned Veterans

We are a firm of seasoned property managers, property owners and professional marketers. And we understand what’s important to the real estate investor: increasing rents and cash flow while lowering expenses and vacancy. Every dollar we save equals one more dollar of cash flow in your bank account

We specialize in making our investor clients assets perform better while eliminating their landlording duties altogether.  Call us today and take advantage of our unique skill set and experience in this challenging, yet profitable, sector of the market.  Win.

Hartford and Middlesex Counties for Realty and Property Management in Middletown, Manchester, East Hartford, New Britain, Hartford and Meriden Connecticut.